Rip n Rock Adventure holidays

Adventure holidays and group days in Wales have just got better, with a bit more Rip to them and a lot more Rock, with me Sally Haines and my team of qualified and experienced guides.

RIPNROCK offer activitiy days and short breaks across South Wales, from the picture perfect beaches of the Gower peninsular to the wild and watery beauty of the Neath Valley.

With a wide variety of adventurous activities to choose from you'll be spoiled for choice. We cater for all group types;







We tailor the session to your needs, whether you want extreme and adrenaline filled or tame and chilled, a half day to a full week package, let us help create your perfect trip.

Don't take my word for it, take a moment to read some of the fabulous reviews that our wonderful visitors have left on TRIPADVISOR

 We're a small family business who's focus is on quality of experience and not quantity of people through the door. For this reason it's wise to book early to avoid disappointment especially in peak season.

Please note; due to the nature and environment of the activities, in rare circumstances if conditions prove to be too dangerous, we will offer an alternative activity. We will only offer a refund if we are unable to provide an alternative activity.

Coasteering on Gower

Coasteering in Swansea

Coasteering with us is on the Gower Peninsula, Swansea, South Wales. It's an adventure that takes you swimming in deep water and going along, up, off and sometimes actually THROUGH our magnificent cliffs. Under the supervision of experienced guides, coasteering is a truly unique and thrilling way to explore the Gower coastline. You can expect the session to last approximately 4 hrs from meeting to leaving, so about 3hrs of actual coasteering time. 

On your journey you'll take on the exhilaration of cliff jumps, exploring caves, rock traverses and (possibly) see some awesome marine-life including seals, porpoise and otters. Whatever your adventure threshold or ability our guides are sure to give you a made-to-measure session. Coasteering is definitely an activity for everyone to try; be honest about your abilities, be open to new things and trust us to provide you with a once in a life time experience.

Swansea has some of the finest coastline in the UK, making coasteering on Gower Peninsular an even more breathtaking adventure. 

Half an hour from Swansea and an hour from Cardiff, South Wales this superb coasteer takes place from Rhossili National Trust carpark, Rhossili, Gower.

Looking for transport? An 8 seater from Swansea Centre will cost £100 return and a 16 seater will cost you £160. Please note; we do not provide this service, you must book direct with the minibus company. 

To book please contact Simon at 

and for a 10% discount with Simon please quote RIPNROCK.

Check out our Coasteering video.

Coasteering faq's

Q. Do you provide the kit? A. Yes , we provide you with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet and in colder months you'll also be provided with a wetsuit hood, socks and thermal lined gloves.

Q. Do we need to bring anything? A. Yes, a pair of old shorts to be worn over our wetsuits(giving them much needed protection against the rocks-especially for the bumshufflers amoungst you). Your own footwear that you don't mind getting wet (a walking boot/shoe or trainer with laces-sandal or wetsuit shoes aren't suitable), swimwear for under the wetsuit, a towel and any medication you may need.

Q. Do I need to be a strong swimmer? A. No. The majority of our customers are not strong swimmers.  If you are a non swimmer but are confident in the water in a buoyancy aid (which keeps you afloat) and can do some form of forward paddle such as a doggy paddle/breaststroke then based on previous observations, this should suffice. If you are a non or weak swimmer and do not have water confidence, then  Coasteering probably won't be an enjoyable experience.

Q. Do I need to be fit to go coasteering? A. A reasonable level of fitness is required. The session is approx 3 hrs long and entails sea swims, jumps and climbing in and out of the sea onto rocks. This  is can be quite a challenge on the days where the sea swells are bigger and can take a few attempts to get back onto the rocks.  

Q. Do I have to do all of the Jumps? A. No, jumps are optional. We always build you up to the big jumps, starting small. This allows our guides to coach you on jumping techniques and observe you. If you aren't able to master the correct techniques our guides will not allow you to do the bigger jumps. The biggest being 10m on some days. 

Q. Do you have age limits? A. 7yrs old is the youngest. No older age limits apply.

Q. What if the weather is bad? A. We'll still go ahead in the rain. If the sea conditions are too dangerous we will offer an alternative such as canyoning or gorge walking(these are an hour away from our coasteering venues) If an alternative cannot be provided you will receive a full refund.

Q.Can I take pictures? A. Yes you are welcome to bring a waterproof camera to take pictures, this will be at your own risk. Some way of attaching the camera to you wrist/buoyancy aid is strongly reccommended. 

Q. Can I spectate from the side if I don't want to take part? A. There are areas where it is easy to spectate and some that aren't so easy. Our guides will happily point out the coasteering route and potential spots to view from. This will be entirely at your own risk and you will not the resposibilty of the guide.

Canyoning & Gorge Walking in the Celtic Rain Forest



GORGE WALKING - Make your way up a narrow, steep river gorge, fully kitted up in wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids. Loads of wet and rocky challenges lead you through 'The Jacuzzi', 'Jurassic Gorge' and 'Pyrhana Pool'  to waterfall jumps......all just a warm up to the ultimate challenge, LOONIES LEAP!

Our Gorge Walking activity is ideal for families with younger children and our youth groups, with a path that runs along the river side for most of the way it makes popping in and out of the river easy peasy. The sessions are half days, so approximatley 4 hrs in total- 3hrs actual activty time with 30mins either side for kitting up and de-kitting.

Unlike coasteering, which is tide dependant, we don't have set start times for our river activities, so generally we are able to start at a time that's convenient to you.

Situated in Glyneath, South Wales.

Approximate Travel times from; Cardiff- 50 mins      Swansea- 30 mins    Brecon- 30 mins    Camarthen- 60 mins...........IT'S WORTH THE DRIVE ! :-)



Rock Climbing


Learn to climb on some of the best cliffs Wales has to offer

Take in the beauty of the Gower coastline, or the dramatic Welsh valleys from a new perspective!  Learn rock climbing skills, like different hand and foot placements to make your climbing smooth and efficient, belaying and tying knots.

To end the day, you can get your heart pumping by giving abseiling a go. 

For a real sense of adventure we can combine climbing skills with our abseil adventure experience where you get to explore the Gower cliffs in intimate detail.

Our climbing sessions are half days and we can tailor the session to meet your needs, if you’ve never climbed before and just want to give it go and have fun, or perhaps you’ve dabbled in a bit of climbing and want to try something a bit more challenging, we can make it happen! 

With our highly experienced and knowledgeable guides, we can to take you to the best spots Gower and the Welsh Valleys have to offer. Let your adventure start with us!!

Our Gower sea cliff climbing venues are approximately 20-30 minutes from Swansea City centre alternativley our Glyneath valley crags are a 30min drive North of Swansea CC.


Surfing & Group Mega SUP Lessons on Gower


Learn to surf - we can (ALMOST!) guarantee to get you standing up and surfing a wave in your first lesson! OR HOW ABOUT SOME SIDE SPLITTING FUN ON OUR mega sTAND-UP PADDLEBOARD?

Being in the sea is fun, playing in the waves is a thrill, catching a wave on your belly is a buzz, standing on a board and flying towards the beach is indescribable! There's a famous saying in the surfing world; 'Only a surfer knows the feeling'. We love seeing expressions of pure joy the first time someone gets THAT feeling.

Now you can share the feeling with your friends on our huge SUP that can float up to 10 PEOPLE (8 adults or 10 children) !! Guaranteed a laugh a minute. If you have a bigger group, no problem we have plenty of games that will keep everyone engaged even when they're not on the board. Incredible team building.

Wales and in particular, the Gower Peninsular has world renowned, award winning beaches and they’re perfect for learning to surf on. On our wide expanses of safe, sandy beaches waves gently roll in and peel towards the shore, perfect for getting that first ride.

If you've had a few lessons before and feel that you are more at the 'improver'  level then we can provide you with a tailor made one to one session and a choice of different size and shape boards for you to try.

We offer half day and full days surfing and/or SUP sessions , for all groups types including – stag parties, hen parties, families, schools, youth groups, sports teams, friends and couples.

If you're visitng the Swansea area then a surf lesson is a rite of passage, come and give it a go but be warned - surfing is VERY addictive!

Our 2 hr Surf lessons are £30pp and they start when you're on the beach, kitted up and ready to go ! 

Our MEGA SUP session is a £270 flat rate and just like our surf lessons, your session starts when you're on the beach with your kit on ready to roll.

Abseil Adventure


Abseil Adventure

Take in the beautiful scenery of the Gower Peninsula from a different perspective.

If going down rather than climbing up is more your thing, then come and try one of our Abseiling Adventure days. You'll complete heart-thumping abseils of different heights and character. The day has a real sense of journey as you travel to the different abseils via a variety of mini rock challenges like the 'Horseshoe Cave', 'The Big Jug Traverse' and 'Rick's Chimney'. If the tides are right you'll even drop through 'Giants Cave' - a free-hanging abseil into a beautiful coastal cave. You'll get all of the best views of the Welsh coastline and Gower. If you're lucky you many even have an audience of dolphins, seals or sea otters from the sea below!

If this sounds like the day out for you then please get in touch!


Team Building

team banner


RIPNROCK’s team building activities are ideal for those who are looking to develop the following factors within a group or team:

  • Simply get to know each other and have a laugh!
  • Communication

  • Ability to work together

  • Group dynamics

  • Improve team performance

  • Self development

  • Leadership skills

  • Problem solving

We can run these sessions almost anywhere just ask us. However, we recommend one of the beautiful beaches that Swansea and Gower has to offer to make the experience really memorable.

Our team building days are crafted specifically to the client's aims and objectives. With our team of experienced staff we’ll ensure the day is fun and enjoyable whilst the objectives to build a stronger team are being met.

Examples of the challenges that will be presented are 'Magic Flute', 'Handcuffs', 'Lava River', 'Gutterball'. We can make many of the games involve water for added fun!

For a totally new and exciting form of team building why not try out our Mega Stand-Up Paddleboard. Guaranteed a laugh a minute and to tick all the team building boxes above. It is awesome!!


Our team building days are ideal for any teams or groups whether they are newly formed or a tight bunch of friends. Its guaranteed that you’ll develop as a team and leave with great memories.

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