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Thursday, 21 May 2015 22:12

Pobbles Bay - Three Bays In One

Another local favourite and hidden gem (at least at high tide).

The beautifully named Pobbles has everything that the seclusion seeker, hiker and adventurer could want. How can one bay cater for all of these? Simple! This is a cove, beach and super bay all in one and all in 6 hours.............Unique is the only word for it and there certainly isn't another like it on Gower. 

Actually, there may be one similar but you'll have to wait for a much later blog to discover the other one!

So here is Pobbles in all its schizophrenic glory.



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 As classic a cove as you could find, steep dune backdrop, easy angled cliffs, pebble ridge at the top and golden sand to the sea. This is the time for the seclusion seeker and sunbather as this stage of tide provides you with the most shelter from the prevailing south westerly sea breeze. For anyone who likes fishing, then this is the time to head to the top of the cliffs in summer months for good mackerel fishing.




 At mid tide, the bay reveals exploring opportunites aplenty with easy scrambling and a number of small and interestingly formed sea caves to the east end. It also becomes possible to reach the bottom of the first graded rock climbs in the area at the west end of the beach. As the sand drys then you can claim exclusive use of your very own minicove where the kids will find sandy pools that get ever warmer as the sun works its magic!



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And there she is! On bigger low tides the 'super bay' that is Pobbles, Threecliffs and Oxwich Bay is born.( If you want to know more about terms likes 'big low tides and 'small high tides' then look out for a future blog that explains all). 

At low tide, the climbing areas of Shirecombe to the East and the classic Three Cliffs become the climbers oyster. . The walker can enjoy a seemingly never ending stretch of soft, yellow sand. 

There's great spear fishing below Shirecombe and.......Shhhhhhh! don't tell anyone we told you but there's also good bass fishing in the bay as the tide pushes back over the sand.


Is there any surf at Pobbles at any stage of tide? Well, the bay gets plenty of swell but it rarely shows any quality of shape or power. You can have some fun but nothing here for the serious surfer  sorry!

How do you get there at high tide?

Park in Southgate and walk down the side of the golf course or park in Parkmill and walk up and over the dunes from Three Cliffs side.












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Thursday, 24 July 2014 12:52

Caswell Bay

Caswell Bay


Caswell Bay is a large sandy beach which is flocked to by surfers all year around! Caswell takes its name from the stream that meanders its way through the Caswell valley and out along the beach! There are some lovely cafe’s just on the brow of Caswell Bay. The beach has lifeguards on between May and September and it is a popular beach for rock-pooling and other sea and beach activities. In 2006 the beach was named in the top 50 beaches in the UK, and as it stands we think that the beach is still pretty special. During low tide and a short walk around the headland to the west you will come onto Brandy Cove - but be sure to keep an eye on the tides.

Next Pwll Du Bay..
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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 10:20

Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay


Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay


Bracelet Bay is just around the corner from Mumbles Head and holds some significant beachside awards. It holds a Blue Flag Award and the Seaside Award. A Blue Flag Award is awarded to beaches internationally that have high levels of cleanliness, safety and high standard amenities. The Seaside Award assures visitors that they are guaranteed to find a clean, safe, attractive and well-managed stretch of coastline.

Bracelet Bay is also a SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) mainly for the limestone geology that surrounds it and a small fossilised coral reef. The rock at Bracelet Bay dates back 290 millions years.

Bracelet Bay is also home to a fascinating and beautiful cave which begs to be explored, if you can find it....but you must be wary of the tides.

Limeslade Bay is the next bay around from Bracelet. It is mostly rocky and pebbley with little sand, the Bay holds the Rural Seaside Award and the Green Coast Award.

Just a few metres north of Limeslade Bay is the start of the Gower coast path and leads onto Rotherslade and Langland Bay.

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Monday, 02 June 2014 12:25



Rubber rings and Lilo's are all to familiar to all of us. But in the sea they could be your worst enemy.

Inflatable's are likely to get caught by any wind and this could lead to your getting swept out to sea. Many beaches will display an orange flag when there is an off-shore wind - this is when they are an absolute no-no. Many lifeguard stations advise against even using them in the sea, though if they are used, is must be between the red and yellow flags.

Never use inflatables in choppy sea conditions. 



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Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:52

Waves and Tides

Waves and Tides

Fun Facts

Did you know that ocean tides are created by a combination of the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun combined with the rotation of the earth!

Most places have two high tides and low tides per day

There are times during the earth's rotation that the moon and the sun are on the same side and this causes larger tides, these are known as Spring Tides.

The important stuff..

Whenever you head to the beach always check the tides, you may get to the beach and it will be a high tide and the beach will not be accessible. 

Always be cautious about when the tide is going out or coming in, be careful not to get cut off by the tide.

Waves are not safe environments to play in, the sea is very unpredictable and what looks like fun could end in tragedy with bigger waves taking you out to sea.

 Coming up next - Coasteering


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