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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 22:14

Pwlldu Bay - ships, quarries, inns but unspoilt

Whats not to like about this secluded, beautiful bay? With its rich mixture of history, remnants of an industrial past, remote nature and stunning scenery it has to be one of the unsung  jewels of the Gower coast. (If you're here for surfing then go to the end)

The natural harbour and south east aspect makes it one of the safest places to bathe but carrying much more than your swimming cozzie will require some effort as the nearest access is a walk from Pyle Corner in Bishopston (approx 30mins walk). As you walk around the corner on the approach track and get your first glimpse, you'll first be impressed by the lush green of the trees contrasting with the steep grey limestone cliffs quarried more than a century and a half ago. Before long, you'll take in the small, crescent, natural  harbour mirrored by the  expansive half-moon of the bay with its impressive pebble ridge. This ridge holds back the waters that have travelled under and overground through the Bishopston Valley to form PwllDu (the black pool) that gives the beach its name.

There are two houses on the beach which were both once Inns, one for the quarrymen and one for the sailors, necessary at the time as a communal drinking hole would only have resulted in violence!

Nowadays many of us gaze upon these residences and dream of living there or simply wonder about the practicalities of making our home in such isolation. Luckily, for those who have the inclination, you can delve into the residents' way of life and absorb the atmosphere of this wonderful hidden corner of the Gower Peninsula. Ship cottage has a self contained annex for rent http://www.homefromhome.com/cottage-details/652 . You won't find more amiable hosts than Bob and Kath to help you on your way with exploring this less-trodden treasure.

This beach gets waves on a big storm swell, sheltered from SW winds but strong rips and unpredictable banks means its a local secret that you're not likely to catch unless you're "On It" !

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 10:20

Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay


Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay


Bracelet Bay is just around the corner from Mumbles Head and holds some significant beachside awards. It holds a Blue Flag Award and the Seaside Award. A Blue Flag Award is awarded to beaches internationally that have high levels of cleanliness, safety and high standard amenities. The Seaside Award assures visitors that they are guaranteed to find a clean, safe, attractive and well-managed stretch of coastline.

Bracelet Bay is also a SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) mainly for the limestone geology that surrounds it and a small fossilised coral reef. The rock at Bracelet Bay dates back 290 millions years.

Bracelet Bay is also home to a fascinating and beautiful cave which begs to be explored, if you can find it....but you must be wary of the tides.

Limeslade Bay is the next bay around from Bracelet. It is mostly rocky and pebbley with little sand, the Bay holds the Rural Seaside Award and the Green Coast Award.

Just a few metres north of Limeslade Bay is the start of the Gower coast path and leads onto Rotherslade and Langland Bay.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014 14:36

Beaches and Bays around gower

Our next line of Blog entries are all about the Gower coastline. We hear enough about Rhossili Bay endlessly due to it endless beauty and awards! However, the Gower coastline is also home to a lot of other Bays and Beaches, some small and private some pebbled and others with huge historical importance. So our next blog feature will bring you these beaches and all you need to know about them.

So keep your eye out for your favorite beaches!!

Beach number one is going to be Bracelet and Limeslade Bay

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