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Monday, 25 August 2014 15:52

Swansea City Football Club

Although football isn't really our sport here at RipnRock, it makes us very happy to see the local Premier League  team Swansea City FC having such an amazing start to the season. 

A 2-1 win away against Manchester United and a 1-0 win at home against Burnley sees the Swans sitting pretty at 3rd in the table.

Keep it up lads!!

If you want to keep up with the team then check out http://www.swanseacity.net/

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Monday, 25 August 2014 09:08

Brandy Cove- witches and stubbed toes

Brandy Cove is situated at the end of a valley that runs down from Bishopston, Swansea.(If you're looking for surfing then go to the end)

It is a quiet and secluded rocky cove with some strips of sand at low tide, twenty minutes walk from Pyle Corner, Bishopston. Alternatively you can walk around the coastal path from Caswell, great care should be taken on this route as the path clings to the edge of steep cliffs. 

Due to its rocky nature, it tends to be more popular with locals escaping the summer crowds or famiies who love exploring caves, scrambling on the rocks and rock-pooling. Many a stubbed toe has been suffered by those brave enough to swim here!

It really distinguishes itself from other Swansea and Gower beaches by its spooky tales. Old Moll, the Witch of the caves who spread illness, pestilance and misfortune everywhere she went. The haunting screams of the murdered Mamie Stuart. The clunks and clicks of rowing brandy smugglers through the sea mist. The history of the Roman lead mines. 

On reflection, maybe the best time to visit Brandy Cove is on a still and moonlit night.....if you dare!!!

(Surfing- Sheltered from SW winds (ish) depending on the tide and sand levels, you may find a surf able wave here on mid-low-mid tide (ish!)  maybe) Big wave surfers will find a wave off the VERY shallow reef west of caswell on the biggest swells. 

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Monday, 25 August 2014 08:30

RipnRock at the Gower Carnival

On saturday we enjoyed helping to make the Gower Carnival at South Gower Sports club a roaring success. It seemed like we had a constant stream of people all wanting to try out the 'RipnRock Challenge' for the chance of winning a family day out with us.

The challenge was to be the fastest person to don a climbing harness, clip in and belay our cuddly Monkey on a sketeboard towards you. Once the skateboard croseed the line, the harness had to be removed and then the drowning boy buoy needed saving by throwing a rescue throwline to him. This proved to be the downfall of many as the wind conditions were variable to say the least!

At the close of play, our lucky and skillful winner was Will Thomas from Cardiff who completed the challenge in 44seconds. This time was over ten seconds faster than his next nearest rival and so we say his prize is well deserved. We look forward to taking Will and his family on his choice of coasteering, canyoning, climbing, abseiling or surfing!

Thanks again to South Gower sports club, see you all soon :-)


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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 10:20

Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay


Bracelet Bay and Limeslade Bay


Bracelet Bay is just around the corner from Mumbles Head and holds some significant beachside awards. It holds a Blue Flag Award and the Seaside Award. A Blue Flag Award is awarded to beaches internationally that have high levels of cleanliness, safety and high standard amenities. The Seaside Award assures visitors that they are guaranteed to find a clean, safe, attractive and well-managed stretch of coastline.

Bracelet Bay is also a SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) mainly for the limestone geology that surrounds it and a small fossilised coral reef. The rock at Bracelet Bay dates back 290 millions years.

Bracelet Bay is also home to a fascinating and beautiful cave which begs to be explored, if you can find it....but you must be wary of the tides.

Limeslade Bay is the next bay around from Bracelet. It is mostly rocky and pebbley with little sand, the Bay holds the Rural Seaside Award and the Green Coast Award.

Just a few metres north of Limeslade Bay is the start of the Gower coast path and leads onto Rotherslade and Langland Bay.

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