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Pobbles Bay - Three Bays In One

Another local favourite and hidden gem (at least at high tide).

The beautifully named Pobbles has everything that the seclusion seeker, hiker and adventurer could want. How can one bay cater for all of these? Simple! This is a cove, beach and super bay all in one and all in 6 hours.............Unique is the only word for it and there certainly isn't another like it on Gower. 

Actually, there may be one similar but you'll have to wait for a much later blog to discover the other one!

So here is Pobbles in all its schizophrenic glory.



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 As classic a cove as you could find, steep dune backdrop, easy angled cliffs, pebble ridge at the top and golden sand to the sea. This is the time for the seclusion seeker and sunbather as this stage of tide provides you with the most shelter from the prevailing south westerly sea breeze. For anyone who likes fishing, then this is the time to head to the top of the cliffs in summer months for good mackerel fishing.




 At mid tide, the bay reveals exploring opportunites aplenty with easy scrambling and a number of small and interestingly formed sea caves to the east end. It also becomes possible to reach the bottom of the first graded rock climbs in the area at the west end of the beach. As the sand drys then you can claim exclusive use of your very own minicove where the kids will find sandy pools that get ever warmer as the sun works its magic!



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And there she is! On bigger low tides the 'super bay' that is Pobbles, Threecliffs and Oxwich Bay is born.( If you want to know more about terms likes 'big low tides and 'small high tides' then look out for a future blog that explains all). 

At low tide, the climbing areas of Shirecombe to the East and the classic Three Cliffs become the climbers oyster. . The walker can enjoy a seemingly never ending stretch of soft, yellow sand. 

There's great spear fishing below Shirecombe and.......Shhhhhhh! don't tell anyone we told you but there's also good bass fishing in the bay as the tide pushes back over the sand.


Is there any surf at Pobbles at any stage of tide? Well, the bay gets plenty of swell but it rarely shows any quality of shape or power. You can have some fun but nothing here for the serious surfer  sorry!

How do you get there at high tide?

Park in Southgate and walk down the side of the golf course or park in Parkmill and walk up and over the dunes from Three Cliffs side.












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Monday, 04 August 2014 11:16

Mid week Coasteering offer!

Coasteering on Gower with RIPNROCK!

Grab yourself a mid-week bargain and come coasteering on Gower, Swansea. Our highly qualified instructors take you on an adventure around the beautiful Welsh coastline. You will be able to swim, climb, jump and explore during your Coasteering experience. 


Enter coastal cave only accessible via swimming around the coastline, if you keep your eyes peeled you may also see some Grey Seals, jellyfish (that are harmless) and if you are really lucky a Porpoise or two (a breed of dolphin).

It is a fantastic day out for all! We take people of all ages and abilities; just get in contact for more information.

Tel: 07815 784122
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Coasteering is an activity ran by many providers around the Welsh coast, most popularily on Gower and in Pembrokeshire. The activity consists of jumping, plunging, traversing, climbing, swimming, cave exploration and marine life watching, it is a great activity for all age groups!

Instructors who take coasteering are very knowledgeable of the sea and how it works, we know where to go and where not to go to make sure that a fantastic time is had by all in the safest possible way!

When you come Coasteering with us you will be provided with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet!

And you will need to bring your swimsuit (to go underneath the wetsuit), a spare pair of strong shoes to wear in the sea, some shorts to go over your wetsuit to avoid bum scuffs! Also always good to remember a towel too :)

Next in the line of Beach Safety blogs - Inflatables

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