Gorge Walking

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Gorge Walking adventures with RIPNROCK in South Wales

Make your way up a narrow, steep river gorge, fully kitted up in wetsuits, helmets, and buoyancy aids. Loads of wet and rocky challenges lead you through ‘The Jacuzzi’, ‘Jurassic Gorge’ and ‘Pyrhana Pool’ to waterfall jumps……all just a warm-up to the ultimate challenge, LOONIES LEAP!

Our Gorge Walking activity is ideal for families with younger children and our youth groups, with a path that runs along the riverside for most of the way it makes popping in and out of the river easy peasy. The sessions are half days, so approximately 4 hrs in total- 3hrs actual activity time with 30mins either side for kitting up and de-kitting.

Unlike coasteering, which is tide dependant, we don’t have set start times for our river activities, so generally, we are able to start at a time that’s convenient to you.

Situated in Glyneath, South Wales.

Approximate Travel times from; Cardiff- 50 mins Swansea- 30 mins Brecon- 30 mins Camarthen- 60 mins………..IT’S WORTH THE DRIVE! 🙂

Q. Do you provide the kit? A. Yes , we provide you with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet and in colder months you’ll also be provided with a wetsuit hood, socks and thermal lined gloves.

Q. Do we need to bring anything? A. Yes, a pair of old shorts to be worn over our wetsuits(giving them much needed protection against the rocks-especially for the bumshufflers amongst you). Your own footwear that you don’t mind getting wet – a walking boot/shoe or trainer with laces are great. (Sandals or wetsuit shoes aren’t suitable), swimwear for under the wetsuit, a towel and any medication you may need.

Q. Do I need to be a strong swimmer? A. No. The majority of our customers are not strong swimmers. If you are a non swimmer but are confident in the water in a buoyancy aid (which keeps you afloat) and can do some form of forward paddle such as a doggy paddle/breaststroke then based on previous observations, this should suffice. If you are a non or weak swimmer and do not have water confidence, then you may prefer to miss out and walk around some of the challenges.

Q. Do I need to be fit to go Gorge Walking? A. A reasonable level of fitness is required. The session is approx 3 hrs long and entails short pool swims, jumps and walking in and out of the river along and scrambling up some rocks and river bed.

Q. Do I have to do all of the Jumps? A. No, jumps are optional. We always build you up to the big jumps, starting small. This allows our guides to coach you on jumping techniques and observe you. If you aren’t able to master the correct techniques our guides will not allow you to do the bigger jumps. The biggest being 9m on some days.

Q. Do you have age limits? A. 7yrs old is the youngest. No older age limits apply.

Q. What if the weather is bad? A. We’ll still go ahead in the rain. If the river conditions are too dangerous we will offer an alternative such as coasteering or rock climbing(Coasteering takes place in Gower) If an alternative cannot be provided you will receive a full refund.

Q.Can I take pictures? A. Yes you are welcome to bring a waterproof camera to take pictures, this will be at your own risk. Some way of attaching the camera to you wrist/buoyancy aid is strongly reccommended!

Q. Can I spectate from the side if I don’t want to take part? A. There is a public footpath that runs almost parallel to river, which is most likely to be uneven and potentially slippery. This will be entirely at your own risk and you will not the resposibilty of the guide.

Q. Can I bring my dog? A. If you have a well behaved dog that is very confident in water, you may bring him/her along. Our guides loves dogs, although they cannot be resonsible for them during the session. Please be aware that higher river levels may prove too dangerous for your dog. So please don’t book this activity on the assumtion that your dog will be able to join. (cleaning up after him/her is a must!)


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