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Coasteering with us is on the Gower Peninsula, Swansea, South Wales

It’s an adventure that takes you swimming in deep water and going along, up, off and sometimes actually THROUGH our magnificent cliffs. Under the supervision of experienced guides, coasteering is a truly unique and thrilling way to explore the Gower coastline.

On your journey you’ll take on the exhilaration of cliff jumps, exploring caves, rock traverses, and (possibly) see some awesome marine life including seals, porpoises, and otters. You can expect the session to last approximately 4 hrs from meeting to leaving, so about 3hrs of actual coasteering time.

You will be wearing a good quality wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet provided by us to help you stay warm, afloat and protected throughout the session.

Is it for me?

Answer the following questions honestly.

  • Am I confident in open seawater?
  • Do I have a moderate level of fitness, enough to swim for 10 minutes with the assistance of a buoyancy aid?
  • Can I perform a strong doggy paddle?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to all of these then you should come and give it a try but remember that Mother Nature is in charge and on some days she will provide conditions that will challenge your comfort zone! Some days are flat, calm serenity and others are splashy, choppy wildness.

Our guides are lovely, really encouraging and passionate about helping people push that comfort zone but it is your responsibility to be honest with them if you are unsure about either your confidence or ability. They will assess you at the start of your session and decide if, on that day, with those conditions, your abilities are up to the challenge and you should continue on the rest of the session.

If the answer is ‘No’ to any of these questions then coasteering probably isn’t for you.

Logistics: Half an hour from Swansea and an hour from Cardiff, this superb coasteer takes place from Rhossili National Trust carpark, Rhossili, Gower. Looking for transport? An 8 seater from Swansea Centre will cost £100 return and a 16 seater will cost you £160. To book a bus please contact Simon at Swansea Minibus Hire and for a 10% discount with Simon please quote RIPNROCK.


Group Sizes / Prices

 Adults – £65pp   Under 16’s £55

Youth groups £45pp (schools, scouts etc)

Minimum of 3 for activity to run. Age 10 yrs and over only.

Offers – Bride/Groom GO FREE on groups of 12 plus!


Meeting point: Rhossili Carpark- Worms Head Hotel, Gower, SA3 1PR

Please drive down to the bottom of the first car park or the top of the second car park. This is where we aim to be depending on how busy the car parks are. Also look out for the flag of Owain Glyndwr (red and yellow boxes with lions on it) and various colourful helmets and buoyancy aids laid on the grass. Depending on logistics there may be a large white sign written van to also look for.

Please meet your instructor/s in the carpark of the National Trust, there is a £5 parking charge. Here you will be briefed, get kitted up and then you will head off on the activity.

What we provide – Wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids. (in colder months – gloves, neoprene hoods and socks)

What you will need

  • A pair of closed-toe, grippy shoes with laces to wear for the activity i.e. trainers/walking boots.
  • No surfing booties or sandal style shoe- they are not suitable.
  • Trunks/swimsuit to be worn under the wetsuit.
  • A pair of old shorts to be worn outside the wetsuit to protect the wetsuit.
  • A large towel or other garment to assist with changing outdoors, nudity in the areas we change in is totally unacceptable.
  • A thin fleece (NOT cotton) top to wear under the wetsuit can give extra warmth. A must in winter months!
  • Any medication you may need (asthma pump etc) we can carry these in our dry bags throughout the activity.

Please ensure you have eaten a good meal before arriving for your session.

With your permission, pictures may be taken and used for marketing purposes.

Please note; everything during the session is optional, there is always another way around.

Outdoor activity provision in the UK has an enviable safety record. However, accidents causing personal injury and death can occur. Due to their very nature and the environment and terrain in which they are held, all adventurous activities hold inherent risks and can never be 100% safe. By taking part in the activity you (or your guardian) are accepting this statement.

Please share this information with your group and call or email Sally or Clarity on 07815 784 122 / if you have any queries.

We look forward to meeting you soon 🙂

Q. Do you provide the kit? A. Yes, we provide you with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet and in colder months you’ll also be provided with a wetsuit hood, socks, and thermal lined gloves.

Q. Do we need to bring anything? A. Yes, a pair of old shorts to be worn over our wetsuits(giving them much needed protection against the rocks-especially for the bumshufflers amongst you). Your own footwear that you don’t mind getting wet – a walking boot/shoe or trainer with laces are great. (sandals or wetsuit shoes aren’t suitable), swimwear for under the wetsuit, a towel, and any medication you may need.

Q. Do I need to be a strong swimmer? A. No. The majority of our customers are not strong swimmers. If you are a non-swimmer but are confident in the water in a buoyancy aid (which keeps you afloat) and can do some form of forward paddle such as a doggy paddle/breaststroke then based on previous observations, this should suffice. If you are a non or weak swimmer and do not have water confidence, then Coasteering probably won’t be an enjoyable experience.

Q. Do I need to be fit to go coasteering? A. A reasonable level of fitness is required. The session is approx 3 hrs long and entails sea swims, jumps, and climbing in and out of the sea onto rocks. This is can be quite a challenge on the days where the sea swells are bigger and can take a few attempts to get back onto the rocks.

Q. Do I have to do all of the Jumps? A. No, jumps are optional. We always build you up to the big jumps, starting small. This allows our guides to coach you on jumping techniques and observe you. If you aren’t able to master the correct techniques our guides will not allow you to do the bigger jumps. The biggest being 10m on some days.

Q. Do you have age limits? A. 10yrs old is the youngest. No older age limits apply.

Q. What if the weather is bad? A. We’ll still go ahead in the rain. If the sea conditions are too dangerous we will offer an alternative such as canyoning or gorge walking(these are an hour away from our coasteering venues) If an alternative cannot be provided you will receive a full refund.

Q. Can I take pictures? A. Yes, you are welcome to bring a waterproof camera to take pictures, this will be at your own risk. Some way of attaching the camera to your wrist/buoyancy aid is strongly recommended.

Q. Can I spectate from the side if I don’t want to take part? A. There are areas where it is easy to spectate and some that aren’t so easy. Our guides will happily point out the coasteering route and potential spots to view from. This will be entirely at your own risk and you will not the responsibility of the guide.


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